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Casa Mariolas

For a long time we felt the need to be closer to nature, and for that we had to radically change our lifestyle. The idea was simple, we exchanged the hustle of a big city for a peaceful place and came to live where our hearts felt at home, Serra da Estrela.

Based on our knowledge of this territory and the vast experience of many years of mountaineering, we planned to dedicate our lives to mountain activities based on the Serra da Estrela.

When we found Casa Mariolas we felt that it was the perfect place to be near the mountains. Thus we decided to open a B & B and share our passion with all of those who want to know more about Serra da Estrela.

Casa Mariolas is much more than a simple B & B, it is the starting point to experience something new in the magnificent wonders of Serra da Estrela, always with our support.

Together with Casa Mariolas we developed the "Centro de Montanha" (“Mountain Center”), a project designed to offer a diversity of mountaineering and climbing program activities for all kinds of difficulties.

Whatever your motivation is, there is only a single mandatory requirement: to come with the will to enjoy this unique place in Portugal.